About Us

Jay McCleskey is President of McCleskey Media Strategies and brings over 15 years experience running campaigns at all levels.

In 2010, McCleskey served as the lead consultant for Susana Martinez for Governor and is currently Martinez’s chief political advisor.  McCleskey produced all of her paid media, direct mail, and was the chief campaign strategist for Martinez, who emerged from a five-way primary and went on to become the first Hispanic Governor in American history. Martinez said, “I could not have won the election without Jay as my political consultant.”

One of the ads McCleskey produced for the Martinez campaign was awarded the Best Statewide GOP Ad in America in 2010 by Campaigns and Elections Magazine:

In 2009, McCleskey served as chief strategist for Richard Berry, who became the first Republican mayor in Albuquerque in 25 years in an upset victory over incumbent Marty Chavez.

McCleskey won two National “Pollie” awards for a Berry ad entitled, “Truck”

From 2005 to 2009, McCleskey served as the Regional Political Director (RPD) for the Republican National Committee. During his four years as RPD, McCleskey managed the RNC¹s political operations in 10 states and assisted dozens of the most competitive campaigns in the country.

In 2004, McCleskey ran the RNC¹s highly successful Victory operation for President Bush¹s re-election campaign in New Mexico, which was one of only two states to change from blue to red.

Prior to that, McCleskey managed a gubernatorial campaign and served as Executive Director of the Republican Party of New Mexico. He cut his teeth running successful challenger campaigns at the state and local level, including managing the campaign that defeated the 30-year incumbent and longest-serving Speaker of the New Mexico State House.

Jay is married to Nicole and are raising two children (and two yellow labs) in Albuquerque, New Mexico.